Anne Hathaway Pulls An Emma Watson And Chops Off All Her Hair

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While you spent the weekend putting peeps in between pieces of Matzah and pretending that it was a healthy lunch, Anne Hathaway was busy chopping off all her hair. The actress, who apparently inherited the country of Genovia while she was still in high school, made the drastic cut for her upcoming role as Fantine in Les Miserables. 

Luckily for her, the new hairdo also makes her eligible for a role in an Emma Watson biopic as well as a Michelle Williams Lifetime docudrama. Yes, all it takes one hair cut to make those casting dreams come true.

According to E!, Anne's also dropping pounds for the role as a single mom forced to enter prostituion to support her child. What does this mean for all of the Anne Hathaway fans out there? Prepare for 45-78 articles on how Anne lost the weight! Then prepare for the backlash against the rapid weight loss. And then prepare for the weight gain that will be accompanied by the “is The Princess Diaries star carrying her own little princess?” headlines — referring to a non-existent baby bump known in non-Hollywood land as a stomach.

While it sounds like Anne Hathaway will be unrecognizable in a few weeks, we'll always have the image of Mia Thermopolis burned in our brains. She can shave her head, but we'll always remember that frizz.