Prepare to Fangirl Over Anne Hathaway Fangirling Over Mariah Carey

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Anne Hathaway Mariah Carey The Intern premire 2015

Full disclosure, I was not the biggest Anne Hathaway fan during her infamous Oscars tour. I groaned and rolled my eyes in unison with everyone else. But after I had some time away from her and saw how self-aware she can be, I stopped letting the Hathahate flow through me, and it's been liberating. It allowed me to enjoy this video of Anne totally fangirling over Mariah Carey during the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie The Intern, which I'm excited to see exclusively for the fashion and set design porn Nancy Meyers is so good at delivering.

Anne is doing an interview on the carpet when she notices Mariah nearby and gets very excited. “She's two arm lengths away right now!” she says, holding out her arm to demonstrate. Then a little while later, when Mariah gets closer, she provides an update: “She's now an arm length away.” She's so devoid of chill that she can't even form a complete sentence, calling her “the best glamorous ever.” And then when Mariah is close enough to be in the frame with her, she scoots over and smiles for the camera like a fan getting a sneaky photograph.

There's nothing I love as much as celebrities getting starstruck over other celebrities. Well, other than celebrities doing impressions of other celebrities and celebrities lip syncing and celebrities being cute with their pets. Also I really like sweaters. But it's definitely high on the list of favorite things. The only problem I have is that Anne chooses “We Belong Together” as her favorite Mariah song. Anne, the correct choice would have been “Infinity.” It's like so obvious. I mean, did you even see that lyric video? It was a masterpiece. Stop acting so corny like Fritos and get with the program.