Turns Out It’s Our Fault That Anne Hathaway Stayed Away From Acting For So Long

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Anne Hathaway hosting The Pink Party in California October 2013This probably won't surprise a single one of you who follow pop culture news at all, but as it turns out, it's our fault that Anne Hathaway stayed away from acting for so long.

And not Crushable's fault specifically — although our unsympathetic coverage certainly didn't help — but the media in general. Even though she only did two movies in 2012, as our sister site The Gloss points out, between the insane press tour for The Dark Knight Rises, in which she played Catwoman, and the award season push for her role as Eponine in Les Miserablesshe was giving interviews all over the place. And since many of them covered the same topics (her crazy-person diet for Les Mis and her continued disbelief that she might get an Oscar for that role, even though as soon as anybody saw the movie they were like, “Um YEAH, she's gonna get an Oscar for that role”) they started to feel a little tiresome very early in the season.

But still she kept showing up to interview after interview insisting that she hadn't heard a word of the Oscar buzz, and BOY DID WE I NOT LIKE THAT. (I will speak only for myself.) It felt disingenuous to me, and I take full responsibility for calling her out on that. Early and often, and way more than was necessary. I guess it should've been obvious to me that she would notice the immense amount of backlash, but I figured that if she did, she'd just ignore it. Keep on doing exactly what she'd been doing, since it had served her anywhere but on paper. (I mean, she came out with an Oscar, so we all kind of look like idiots, right? Sigh. Fine. look like an idiot.)

But she really stayed under the radar this year and made me actually miss her, which was A. no mean feat and B. totally intentional, according to this Huffington Post interview:

Interviewer: You were very much part of our lives in 2012, but we didn't see you much in 2013. I think people miss you.

Anne: My impression is that people needed a break from me [laughs].

See, that comment does two things very successfully, both of which involve me liking Anne more and more by the second. First of all, it makes me feel really guilty for being so judge-y about her doing her job in 2012, and second of all, it shows me that she has a really great sense of self-awareness, to know that she just needed to stay out of the public eye for a minute to remind me that I'm a total ass.

Well played Anne. Very well played. But can you please come back now? I've learned my lesson, I promise.

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