Anne Hathaway Went To A Deadmau5 Rave Wearing A Floor-Length Gown Because She’s Her Own Worst Enemy

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Anne Hathaway Awkward

Quick question, if you had an Anne Hathaway paper doll, how would you dress it for a beachside rave in Miami at which Deadmau5 is playing? If you're any good at paper dolls and even a little decent at Anne Hathaways, you will have said that it would definitely sport a lovely floor-sweeping number accessorized with many a glow stick. Because nothing says “look guys, I can totally ride the rave” like Anne wearing a literal gown and neon antennae.

Anne Hathaway Adam Shulman Deadmau5 Rave Miami Florida March 2014

(Photo: Cathy Gibson/Pacific Coast News)

I don't want you to think that I get some sort of sick thrill from making a mockery of Anne Hathaway. I do, but I also know that she's already gotten enough of that from every person ever for various reasons (like just doing Anne-like things, for example). And I will give it to her that she genuinely appears to be having a good time with her husband, recreating that one iconic Lion King scene and playing glow-catch. What we've got going on here is actually far more meta than I'd ever anticipated. It's Anne Hathaway being a caricature of all that I see Anne Hathaway as. Just trying to fit in and do normal human things like dance in a field, while being a bit manically precious. Amazing.

Anne Hathaway Deadmau5 Rave Miami Florida March 2014

(Photo: Manuel Munoz/PacificCoastNews)

That's why we shouldn't point fingers and, say, chant “hahaha girl, what are you doing? You don't wear that to raves! You wear LSD-inspired biker shorts and yeti boots like Vanessa Hudgens!” No, we will instead join hands and hope that Anne will continue to forever provide us with material to softly chuckle and shake our heads at. Because she's better at mocking Anne Hathaway than anyone I know, even if all of her self-jokes do happen to be totally and completely unintentional.

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