Anne Hathaway Survived On Hummus And Radishes To Prepare For Les Miserables

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If you've seen the previews for Les Miserables, or are just aware of what Anne Hathaway currently looks like walking through the world, it's pretty obvious that the already skinny actress did some severe slimming down for the movie. Like…bitch is skin and bones, it's not cute. Until now,  it wasn't clear what kind of training regimen or strict gym schedule she was on to make her lose the weight, but she has recently revealed her crazy diet secret: hummus and radishes. Oh man, come on. That's the diet of a trendy hipster rabbit. I like hummus, but radishes? Get away from me with that bullhonkery. Anne has also revealed that that particular concoction of calories (or lack thereof) makes her skin break out, so she get the bonus of being super malnourished and cranky and having bad skin.

Ugh. I'm sure we all have days where we wish we were movie stars, but after hearing this, today is not one of them for me. I'm much happier sitting at home on my un-famous, oddly-shaped butt, eating whatever I want and only being accountable to myself for it. We should all consider ourselves lucky that this isn't our life — in the world we live in, if our employers asked us to lose twenty pounds, we wouldn't ask, “What should I eat? Are radishes and hummus okay?” We'd sue them for employer discrimination! What fun!

And bear in mind that Anne joined the Les Miz project coming straight off of filming The Dark Knight Rises, where she's previously stated that she subsisted on ‘kale and dust' in order to attractively fill out the Catwoman bodysuit. In other words, it's been a rough year for her, stomach-happiness-wise. She went from never leaving the gym, to never leaving the state of ‘hungry'. She went from a skin-tight bodysuit, to putting the ‘miserable' in Les Miserables.

Yeah, you like that? Alright, shut up and finish your ice cream.

(Image: radaronline.com)