Girl Crush 25 Poll: Who Is Your Favorite TV Actress On This List?

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Ready to tell us what you think? I know, I know. “Again,” right? Well, yes. We need something to base our hot lists and fame forecasts on, besides our own fancies and the Interweb!

We pride ourselves on making excellent predictions, which is exactly why we poll our readers when it comes time to prepare our annual list of the 25 hottest stars under 25, AKA the Crushable 25. And reader feedback is really important now, since this is our first time  doing the Crushable 25, girl crush style (as in this list will feature only the ladies).

You probably know most of these ladies by face, but not by name. You will soon enough though, and not just because their names are written at the bottom of this page. These girls are the rising stars of television, and all have new or upcoming shows on networks like The CW and ABC.

While all of our picks are on the road that leads to Starletville, only one of them will become one of our Crushable 25… the one who gets the most votes! So you see, your opinion matters. It's kind of like deciding who's gonna win the Emmy for Best Actress, except you have way more influence here than you'll probably ever have at any award show.

Voting closes Friday, October 12th at 11:59 PM.

And the nominees are:

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