AnnaLynne McCord’s Make-Up Free Twitpic Makes Everyone With Bad Skin Feel Better

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When I read that 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord tweeted out a make-up free photo on Friday, I didn't even look. I said “meh” and moved on with my day. Once you've seen one make-up free photo, you've seen them all. And thanks to these photos being the newest hot trend in Hollywood (bumping the “adopting babies abroad” trend down a notch), I've seen enough to get it.

Beautiful people are beautiful with or without make-up. That's why they can “risk” their image by tweeting out these photos. They look almost identical to their made-up selves. Give or take a few swipes of eye liner of course.

So while these photos are supposed to show us the “real” celebrity without any make-up or Photoshop and remind us that they're just like us, they usually just make us feel worse. All these real make-up free celebs still have flawless skin. No blotches, blemishes or redness. Looking at these photos makes me feel like I'm watching those horrible Proactiv commercials where random celebs promise after months of treatment, you too can look just like them.

But we can't. We're normals and they're celebs. No matter how many lotions, creams and washes we use, we'll never look as flawless as them.

Or so I thought, until I actually looked at AnnaLynne's photo this morning. Holy bejesus, she actually has acne. Blemishes! Bumps! Uneven skin tone!

Yes, she's still beautiful. But now we  know that the flawless skin we see on the red carpet actually took a lot of work to create. These are the make-up free photos I want to see celebrities tweeting. Celebs that actually have bad skin and actually look like us.

They're a lot more powerful to me than all the other photos we've seen recently of “real” celebs who still apparently wake up looking a lot more glamorous than us.