AnnaLynne McCord Is a Good Sport with 90210’s Bikini Jousting and ‘Avatar’ Costuming Stunts

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Despite playing West Bev's queen bee, AnnaLynne McCord has been slapped with some of the show's sillier stunt plotlines. Last season, she got a head-to-toe transformation into a Na'vi from Avatar in order to attract geeky Max (Josh Zuckerman). And judging from these new set pics, Naomi is setting herself up for more ridicule in a time-honored sorority tradition: Bikini jousting, and a good sliming on top of that.

We're guessing that the Nickelodeon-esque green slime is Naomi's punishment for not winning. And although AnnaLynne looks disgusted, sources say that it was all good.

We have to hand it to AnnaLynne: Other actresses her age could turn their noses up at scenes that would make them look anything less than polished and sexy. But she jumps into these character quirks without much hesitation. Then again, she's had a ton of experience: Her first big TV role was on the most absurd show of all, Nip/Tuck, where she seduced Dylan Walsh‘s character, then turned to porn and got the snot beaten out of her in a love scene.

AnnaLynne's willingness to put herself in funny situations for 90210 also makes Naomi the character a lot more nuanced than just a mean girl.

Although speaking of Naomi's more sympathetic aspects, she's supposed to be pregnant this season. How come we're not seeing a baby bump?