Anna Kendrick Talks Staying In And Wearing Sweatpants, Two Things That I Happen To Do Very Well

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Anna Kendrick Julien McDonald Fashion Show London September 14 2013

While getting interviewed at London Fashion Week by The Cut, my fantasy BFF Anna Kendrick talked about working hard and playing hard. Something that she claims she doesn't get to do very often. Partially because she's not a 23-year-old investment banker who thinks that saying this 10 times in a row will make her coke dealer appear faster and partially because it's not really her thing. Despite being a famous person who gets to do famous thing (like act in movies and attend Fashion Week), she says that she doesn't usually take advantage of that.

“I’m trying to work it all around my schedule, so after Julien Macdonald yesterday I went in and was recording songs,” said Kendrick. “It’s very, very fun because I get to be like a working woman – like, ‘I work hard and play hard’, kind of thing. I don’t get to feel that very often, because mostly I’m at home in sweatpants.”

While I wouldn't go as far as to say that Anna and I have everything in common, we do have this in common. I also often choose sweatpants and staying in over being social. Especially if I chose to wear something horribly restrictive like tights or a belt or a bra to work. How can I possibly go out after work when it means that I have to continue being constrained by my clothing? (And by society, if you're into heavy-handed Titanic corset references.) Especially when I know that horrible TV and elastic waistband clothing and cheese awaits me at home?

Sure I sometimes do choose to be social. But I also sometimes regret that choice as soon as I make it.  Especially when I'm in the middle of a binge watching a TV show and stressing out about getting through it by a self-imposed deadline.  It's just somewhat reassuring to know that if/when Anna Kendrick and I become friends, she'll be totally cool just hanging out at home. The last thing I need is another friend who's like, “let's stop being shut-ins and go out.”

(Photo: Ringo, PacificCoastNews.com)