Anna Kendrick Sings About Being Michelle Williams, Yeah That Michelle Williams

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Anna Kendrick Sings Michelle Williams Comedy Bang Bang

If you're the kinda gal who can't drink out of a cup without trying to play it, then you're probably also the kinda gal who clicks on ever Anna Kendrick story you see in hopes you'll have another reason to obsess over her. Well luck be a lady tonight, because I have just thing for you. As you may or may not have already memorized, Anna Kendrick will be on the season premiere of the IFC show, Comedy Bang! Bang!  So to prepare for her big debut, IFC just released a little clip of her making music with Reggie. (Which oddly enough sounds like a euphemism that a mom would use in a Lifetime movie in front of her children when she wanted to bang her new boyfriend. “Christina, keep your sister down here in the basement for a bit, I'm going to go, um, make music, yeah, make music with Reggie.”)

While making music with Reggie, she performs an original song that includes the lyric, “if I were in Destiny's Child, I'd be Michelle.” Which I think is the equivalent of being Miranda in Sex and the City and LaFue in Beauty and the Beast. In other words, an honor. A grand and noble honor. As we re-learned during Destiny Child's 2013 Superbowl performance, Michelle Williams is kinda the best. She represents anyone and everyone who's ever felt overshadowed. She is the middle Duggar child who lives somewhere inside all of us! So I can't think of any better tribute to her than this one right here. Watch! Enjoy! Obsess! Bang! Bang!