Anna Kendrick Singing Christmas Carols Will Warm Even The Grinchiest Heart

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Anna Kendrick Singing Christmas Carols Will Warm Even The Grinchiest Heart Anna Kendrick singing Christmas in Washington December 2013 jpg

Early last week Anna Kendrick performed during the annual “Christmas in Washington” special in front of President Obama and the First Family — no pressure or anything. The event, which was hosted by infinite-threat (that’s when there’s simply no limit to your talents) Hugh Jackman and benefitted the Children’s National Health System, aired on television this past Friday. It served as a wonderful reminder to Americans that Anna Kendrick is not only a totally adorable national treasure and a hilarious Twitter personality, but she also has a lovely singing voice and looks positively stunning in a metallic strapless gown.

Anna performed the classic Christmas carols “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Silent Night,” complete with her own backup choir. If you didn’t catch the special on TV this weekend and/or your invitation to the actual taping got lost in the mail (same here), have no fear. You can enjoy these handy videos of her performance and pretend like you were there. And then you can pretend like you got to go backstage and talk to Anna, and then you can pretend that you became best friends and opened a diner together where everybody pays for their food by performing “Cups” for your entertainment. The End.

If you’ve consumed too many peppermint-flavored things to focus on a fantasy that specific, then just enjoy Anna’s performances and leave it at that. I bet you’ll enjoy them, even if you’re a total Grinch who’s already prepared for the holiday season to be over. Anna’s singing is so earnest it totally transfixes First Lady Michelle Obama. Seriously, just watch. And then start counting down the (many, many) days until Pitch Perfect 2 is released.