Anna Kendrick Earns Major BFF Points For Letting Us In On What Really Happens At Those Oscar Rehearsals

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Anna Kendrick Seth Meyers squealing

I need someone to hold me, because I'm falling in love with Anna Kendrick and I know my affections will go unrequited for the rest of my life, unless God takes a break from rigging high school football games and answers my prayers. Everything she does makes her better and better BFF material in my book, and that includes her interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night. If you can believe it, those two managed to sit next to each other for multiple minutes without the world exploding from their union of adorableness.

Anna spends a lot of the interview talking about the time she attended the Oscars earlier this month. I already knew she was a dream award show date from reading her charming Vogue Oscar diary. But this time around she adds a story about Pharrell's hat and how it's comical size might be an optical illusion, as well as giving us an audience member's perspective on that Adele Dazeem fiasco. But most importantly, she also earns major BFF points (which I keep track of in my meticulously organized celebrity BFF notebook) for spilling secrets about what happens at those Oscar rehearsals we don't get to see.

For instance, did you know that when they rehearse each award presentation there are people in the audience to help out with camera blocking, and they choose a winner at random to practice what will happen at the real show? Turns out those seat-fillers take whether they fake-win or fake-lose very seriously, and they get very emotional while fake-accepting their fake Oscars during the fake ceremony. Is that not super duper interesting and weird and hilarious? It's the kind of thing I like to imagine Anna telling me while we sit on the couch in sweatpants eating cheese and crackers, with her adding, “You can't tell anyone I told you.” A girl can dream.

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