Anna Kendrick Fangirls So Hard About Meeting Beyonce That You’ll Forget She’s Famous Too

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Last night Anna Kendrick went on CONAN to talk about meeting Beyonce at the Grammys. I mean, I'm sure that wasn't the reason she got booked on the show. But that's what she ended up talking about. Well that and Katy Perry finger banging her boobs. Considering that it's still early in the day, I figured we'd focus on Beyonce and leave the finger bangin' for later. Or for never. We'll see how the day goes!

Even though I know that celebrities are real human beings who exist outside of movies and TV shows the late night show easy chairs, I still struggle to accept it. It's like picturing your teachers outside of the classroom in elementary school, but even weirder because they're far more beautiful. So that's why I get so weirdly excited when A-list stars like Anna Kendrick admit they crush on other A-List stars like Beyonce. Although if we're going to be honest here, Beyonce's probably graduated from the A-List to God's Most Favoritest Earth Angels List.

While I'll go ahead and let Anna talk about their interaction at the Grammys without spoiling it for you, I will say that it's absolutely delightful to watch how excited she gets about meeting Beyonce. It's so delightful that I even forgive the humblebrag she squeezed in there about Beyonce complimenting her performance at the Kennedy Center Honors last month. After all, who can help humblebragging a bit after meeting Beyonce.

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