Anna Kendrick Tweets About Masturbating To Ryan Gosling Because She Is The Best

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Every once in a while I somehow forgot how much I love Anna Kendrick. Then she does something amazing and reminds me exactly why I became so obsessed with her in the first place. Sometimes that “something amazing” is starring in the Oscar-snubbed musical rom-com extravaganza Pitch Perfect. Other times it's tweeting about how she masturbated to Ryan Gosling while watching The Gangster Squad in theaters.

anna kendrick ryan gosling tweet

Do I really think she masturbated in the back row of a movie theater? Obviously not. That would be an absolute publicity disaster for everyone involved. Including Amanda Bynes, because somehow you know she'd be involved with that kind of stunt.

But do I really think that she's just as attracted to Ryan Gosling as us normals? Yes. She's a fellow human being, so I really don't see how she could be impervious to his neverending charms and his dashing good looks. Especially when he's wearing some kind of 1940s get-up. The only real difference between her attraction and our attraction is that she has the potential to one day reach out and touch him. We don't. Unless we're about to get hit by a car. Then all bets are off, he could swoop in from anywhere to save the day.

What makes this tweet about Ryan Gosling so utterly delightful is the fact that she even wrote it. Not only does it break the unwritten “famous people aren't impressed by other famous people” rule, but it's funny. She made a joke! A joke that I'm sure some people would consider far too risque to put on their own profiles. It epitomizes the reason that I love her. She's a real person who doesn't just lay around in an anti-aging cell while waiting to be cast in her next movie. Something that I truly believe the majority of actresses do. One second they're promoting their movie on every single talk show imaginable, the next second they're gone. Just vanished into thin air.

But not Anna Kendrick, she lives, she breathes, she tweets!

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