Anna Kendrick Sings At The Kennedy Center Honors, Continues To Literally Be Pitch Perfect

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Anna Kendrick Kennedy Center Honors Kiss

Here's the thing about Anna Kendrick. She's actually an incredibly talented singer in addition to being a great actress. Throw in the fact that she has that thing where she makes you want to be her best friend and she's a modern day internet triple threat. While I would say this about her any day of the week, I say it today because a video just surfaced of her performing at the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors. (Not to be confused with her recent performance for the Obamas. Yes, those Obamas.)

For those of you uncultured monsters who don't know what that is, let me school you real fast. It's a 2013 event where honors are given out are the Kennedy Center. Okay, okay, you caught me. I don't know either. The Oscars is as hoighty-toighty as I get. But I suppose the people who brag about not having cable need an awards show too. Hence The Kennedy Center Honors.

Someone involved in producing the show must've dipped a toe into pop culture at some point recently and discovered the delight that is Anna Kendrick. She showed up and sang Barbara Cook's “It's Not Where You Start” in honor of Shirley MacLaine winning a Kennedy (I assume that's what they give out, real live members o the Kennedy family). And yes, “showed up” sounds pretty casual for what she actually did — which was sing beautifully.

(GIF: Tumblr)