Last Night Anna Kendrick, Josh Groban And Zach Braff Had A Twitter Party, And I’d Like You To Eavesdrop With Me

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While cruising around Twitter last night from the comfort of my couch, I noticed a celebrity miracle unfolding before my very own eyes. Zach Braff, Anna Kendrick, Josh Groban and Rob Delaney started talking to each other as if they were hanging out in an old-fashioned chatroom. In fact, Josh Groban entered the convo by making that very joke. Which shouldn't surprise me, because I'm usually on the same page as talented musical artists. In fact, I'd say we all read from the same book. It just goes back and forth between myself and Grammy award winners. Fine, I'll admit, it's a burn book — and no, I won't tell you what they said about Aaron Carter last week. Just know that it involved Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff and 2002.

But enough about my imagined interactions with famous celebrities and back to actual interactions between them. So Zach Braff, who we've mentioned before is hilarious on Twitter, tweeted something about grammar. Anna Kendrick corrected him and then it escalated from there. Before you knew it, Twittermedian Rob Delaney jumped in, followed shortly after by Josh Groban. Obviously you can read, so I'm not going to sparknotes this whole thing for you. I just wanted to prepare you for what you're about to read. Also for what you're about to feel. And that's like an eavesdropper at the coolest party ever. Sure this convo's totally public and sure you have the right to print it out and stare it all day, every day. But it's also kinda something you shouldn't be privvy too. These are famous people. They put their pants on two legs at a time — or they don't wear pants at all. It's never, ever one leg at a time for these folks.

Reading these tweets is like eavesdropping on a conversation about relationships that you hear on the subway and then accidentally chiming in with “ugh I hate when they do that!” — and then getting side eye from two girls with very shiny hair who are horrified that you listened to them talk about personal matters. So enjoy these famous friends, but just remember they're famous and not personally your friends.

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