Every Celeb You Love Participated In This Epic Twitter Convo, Including, But Not Limited To, Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick blowing a kiss pitch perfect

Earlier this year we reported on an epic Twitter convo between Anna Kendrick, Zach Braff, Josh Groban and Rob Delaney. Well forget that. Forget it right now. Because the one that went down last night involved the same exact people plus a few guest stars. Which I think means we can all agree makes it even more epic. In fact, I'll go on the record and say that it's the epicest celebrity convo of 2013. Sure there are still a few days left in the year, but I dare another group of celebrities to try to one-up these Twitter all stars. And I do mean all stars. The whole thing got started because Yahoo OMG! voted Anna Kendrick, Zach Braff, Josh Groban, Rob Delaney, Olivia Wilde, The Rock and (wait for it) Heidi Klum to their list of “18 Celebs We Loved on Twitter in 2013.” While I could sum it up for you in one neat little sentence, I thought I'd let Twitter take it from here.

Rob Delaney, clearly fixing for a fight responded to the completely inoffensive tweet right away.

Josh Groban, someone who I'm guessing got voted “best good sport” in school every single year, responded as you would expect.

Which inspired Yahoo OMG! to get all sassy on him.

Inevitably forcing Josh Groban to play his Eeyore card again.

Anna Kendrick, always in the market for some good old-fashioned Twitter fun, jumped in.

Josh, sensing an actor in the midst, continued to role play “sad celebrity.”

Very well, I may add.

So Anna Kendrick cheered up him with a compliment, the 2nd best thing to her cheering you up by serenading you with “Cups.”

And then Zach Braff FINALLY arrived. Like, where were you bud? You're lucky enough to be invited to this Twitter party, it would behoove you to show up on time.

Anna responded, clearly into the fact that this was turning from a Twitter party into some kind of tworgy. Twitter orgy. It's a thing. Look it up. Actually don't. I'm scared for you.

Yahoo omg!, the luckiest entertainment site on the internet last night, did their best to stay in the game.

But Zach Braff ignored them and instead aided Anna in cheering up grumpy old Groban.

And then Anna dropped the F word. And no, not that F word. The more sexual F word.

All it took was the f word to get Olivia Wilde to pay attention. She jumped into the tworgy right away. As if she'd been there the whole time.

Anna took Olivia's tweet and raised her a penis.

And Olivia took Anna's tweet and raised her a penopliment. Everyone — men and women — like a good penopliment.

The penopliment inspired Josh Groban's new hashtag — which I'm shocked hasn't gone viral by now.

Especially since Anna brought up her penis again.

Annnnddd after the third mention of her penis, The Rock couldn't help but jumping into the convo with a provocative question.

Rob Delaney, always the tworgy coordinator, answered perfectly.

The only downside of the whole party was that Heidi Klum was missing. And I do mean missing in the procedural-tv-show way. How else do you explain her complete lack of participation? HEIDI WHERE ARE YOU? HELP US HELP YOU!

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