Anna Kendrick Can’t Afford Her Cocaine Addiction…Stars! They’re Just Like Us!

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Okay, I think we can all admit that our first thought after seeing Pitch Perfect was that Anna Kendrick looks like the kind of girl who can't afford the cocaine that she does. She just has that aura about her. That look that says, “my paycheck from this movie will go directly to my cocaine dealer.” Am I right or am I high or am I addicted to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack?

And while I couldn't find any verification online about my suspicions, I just knew. In the same way that I knew Rebel Wilson and I would one day end up joining the same Fight Club.

Then, finally after like 17 days of thinking this, Anna Kendrick went on MTV's After Hours with Josh Horowitz to talk about her own personal dark side. And tell you what, if you think the bright and shiny star of Pitch Perfect doesn't have a dark side, then you're thinking wrong.

Not only does she admit to cheating on an elementary school spelling test, but she goes on to complain about the high price of cocaine and the challenges of running a prostitution ring.

Anna: And I've like been known to steal a line or two in my day

Josh:  Well, everyone, I guess steals lines in a film from the other actors —

Anna:  No I mean lines of coke. Do you not do coke? They're called lines, like lines of coke. It's expensive, it's an expensive habit to have. So you know, I don't make that much money. I do do a lot of coke.

Josh: You're joking?

Anna: I also, on the side, run a pretty high class prostitution ring. If you get girls young enough, the younger you get them, the more loyal they are to you, kind of thing, you know what I mean, if you can get in early.

Frankly, I just find this kind of casual conversation between a celebrity and an interviewer so refreshing. It's just so nice to see a celebrity being honest about herself and her habits and her illegal activities that she does on the side.

If only more celebrities could find it within in themselves to be this honest.

Or at the very least be this funny. See Anna Kendrick made a cocaine joke and her career didn't come crashing down. Instead it just made me like her even more. Seriously watch the entire interview here, it's really good and really funny because she's just joking around the whole time. You knew she was joking, right? (Please say right!)

So celebrities take note, you can make dark jokes in interviews! It doesn't all have to be lighthearted humor about on-set hijinks and clever children anecdotes. Interviews can be fun to do and be fun to watch.

Let's make fall 2012 the fall of the coke joke? Are you in or are you too busy doing cocaine to pay attention?

(Photo: Thomas Janssen, Pacificcoastnews.com)