The Anna Kendrick ‘Cups’ Video Is Out, So Prepare To Be Out-Adorabled

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Anna Kendrick Cups videoWhatever you did today that you thought was the most adorable thing ever, prepare to be shamed by Anna Kendrick. Her music video for that ‘Cups' thing is out, and it's super cute in a way that's still somehow not overly saccharine sweet. In it, Anna stars as an adorably flour-dusted baker working in an all-American diner and longing for the day when she can break free from her shackles and visit the wide world of Europe. As she gazes at rows of brightly-colored postcards shouting about Scotland and Paris, she cuts out circles of dough with a cup, pops them into the oven, and then starts that audition routine with the cup that we all fell so in love with in Pitch Perfect.

As it turns out, Anna Kendrick is just as good at singing even when she's not being mildly Auto-tuned in a movie, which is unsurprising, because in case you forgot, Anna Kendrick is better than you at all things ever. Even though she's just wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt in this video, I'm still intimidated by her attractiveness and skills at singing and cup-flinging. The video has a couple long shots of the whole diner doing different cup-related routines that look really complicated to stage and film. Which is a relief, frankly, because it provides some kind of an excuse for why Anna wasn't present and accounted for during the Pitch Perfect performance at the MTV Movie Awards last night. I wouldn't even be mad at you for that if you hadn't just skipped out at the end of your shift with a whole tray of biscuits in the oven. Europe is great, Anna, but YOU BURNED NINE BISCUITS.