Anna Kendrick Calls Jesse Tyler Ferguson Miranda On Twitter, Reignites My Passion To Be Her BFF

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Anna Kendrick Calls Jesse Tyler Ferguson Miranda On Twitter  Reignites My Passion To Be Her BFF Anna Kendrick In Cabinet jpg

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been neglecting my imaginary friendship with Anna Kendrick for months on end. I started to rectify the situation last week by watching Pitch Perfect every time I saw it playing on HBO. But that wasn’t nearly enough to make up for all the time I spent not-stalking her. You guys, no matter how much you hate me, I hate myself more for what I haven’t done.

Especially after reading her hilarious exchange with Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Twitter last Friday. Yes, I know Friday’s like really long ago now, but bear with me because these tweets are worth it. (Almost as worth it as her notorious Ryan-Gosling- makes-me-masturbate tweet from earlier this year.)

While the only thing I know about this season’s Big Brother is that some of the contestants are wildly racist, I guess we can go ahead and assume one of the guys there is a redhead — hence the constant confusion with him and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. We can also go ahead and assume that Anna Kendrick’s hilarious. While I’m always down for some vintage Sex and the City humor, there’s nothing quite like a quality Miranda joke to get me going. Mostly because I always got labeled as “the Miranda” back in the day when people actually had those conversations. I know, times were bleak. Le’s not look back too closely or we’ll discover something even more horrible — like platform flip-flops.

While I’m 99.9% sure that people meant the Miranda thing as an insult, I always took it pretty well. Not only did she have a stable, respectable and high-paying job, but she ended up with a husband and a kid she loved. Also she got to have TV sex with Blair Underwood. Last time I checked Carrie did it with a horribly old artist who she traded in for the emotionally-abusive Mr. Big. So yeah, I’ll take Steve and Brady and Blair any day. I’ll also take Anna Kendrick. Anywhere she wants to go. In a totally non-creepy way.

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