Anna Kendrick Saw Brittany Snow Naked So Many Times That Now She’s All Like ‘Whatever’

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In case you haven't memorized the Pitch Perfect movie trailer yet, let me be the first to tell you that it involves Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow singing together in the showers. They're completely naked, minus Anna Kendrick's tunic of modesty and a strategically placed loofah.

Not since Ursula stole Ariel's singing voice while she wore nothing but a seaweed bra has a semi-nude aquatic singing scene captured me so. And these days it's like nothing but semi-nude aquatic singing scenes in the media.

Why, I recently heard a rumor that The Voice wanted to do an entire episode underwater. Apparently Christina Aguilera's cleavage and Cee-Lo's parrot came up with the idea together.

But back to Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow staring at each other naked in the shower. They recently went on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show of fun and revealed that the nakedness totally got old after awhile.

Digital Spy kindly transcribed part of the interview for us. I mean not for us. But, in a way, for us:

The actresses had to film a nude shower scene together for the new comedy – an idea which originally made Kendrick uncomfortable, but which she eventually described as “the best day of [her] life”.

Kendrick admitted that she was so nervous about the scenes that she originally hid in corners to change while on set.

“When we started and were disrobing, I was like, ‘I don't wanna be here, I want to go home, this is awful',” Kendrick explained

“But by the end of the day, it was hot and humid and [I was used to it]…. by this point, I've got [her body] memorized!”

It's a touching moment between two actresses who came to realize that they both have the same body parts and there's no reason to be embarassed or ashamed or even modest.

In fact, they're probably at the point where they don't even see the purpose of wearing clothes when they're around each other. I'm sure the people in charge of their premiere outfits struggled to explain to them that pasties are not exactly appropriate couture to wear to a movie premiere. Nor are tuxedo jackets with studded underwears, but I guess that's another story. (Literally.)

See the whole interview below and then go see the movie this weekend. It's the only one that's ever inspired me to sell my legs and engagement to a prince to get a better singing voice.