Anna Kendrick’s 23 Funniest Tweets, In Honor Of Her Killing It On SNL

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Anna Kendrick


Hey, you over there. Do you like Anna Kendrick? Cool, so do I. I mean, I'm assuming your answer to that was a yes, because if the government hasn't made it illegal to dislike Anna Kendrick then I'm sorely disappointed in this country. If there was anyone left who hadn't fallen in love with her yet, I'll bet her hosting gig on SNL this weekend fixed that.

But anyone who follows Anna on Twitter knows that she's absolutely hilarious and down-to-earth and generally awesome. So now's as good a time as any to look back at some of her funniest tweets. If you haven't clicked the “follow” button by the end of this post, I simply don't know what to do with you.

You can't go wrong with a 30 Rock reference in my eyes.

I'm glad someone was brave enough to say this.

Ugh, that is the worst.

Anna Kendrick speaks the truth.

There's really no limit to her amazingness.

No but seriously, I would totally watch her play Olaf.

Let's watch House Hunters together, Anna!

Even little Anna was snarky.

Just a little insider Hollywood scoop.

OMG, she also live-tweeted The Sound of Music Live.

Anna Kendrick and sweatpants: the greatest love story of our time.

Ew. (Also ha!)

Love. It.

She's self-aware enough to realize that “Cups” was sort of the “Let it Go” of its time.


 Can't go wrong with a square penis joke.

Oh yeah, she also has great conversations with other celebs.

I'm just so excited to learn that celebrities watch commercials too.

She is just too great.

Okay, Banana!

Well she's already got the adorable part down.

Mmm, cookies and meth.

Aaand this was the tweet that made the world prick up its ears and go, “Who's this adorable creature? Will she be my friend?”

Why is this so true??