Anna Kendrick And Aubrey Plaza Share Just Enough BFF Vacation Photos To Make You Jealous

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Anna Kendrick Aubrey Plaza friends


In case you didn't already want to hate-watch reality TV with Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, their latest round of Instagram photos and twitpics outght do the trick. But before we get to discussing those in in-depth, let's talk abut their best friendship. We first discovered it about four months ago when Aubrey requested a naked photo from Anna and she sent one along. But I'm assuming that their best friendship started long before then. After all, it usually take at least 7-10 business days for people to go from casual strangers to go to naked-photo-exchangin' best friends. Or so I read when I tried to order a new friend on Amazon.com.

The two spontaneously decided to go to Mexico earlier this week and vacay it up. Which is cool. When my friends and I spontaneously decide to do something, it usually involves getting a round of pancake as a brunch appetizer. But as they say, to each her spontaneous friendcisions.  While we didn't get the invite to the vacation, they were generous enough to let us in on their fun by sharing photos during the trip. The only thing they have to do now is send along a plane ticket and hotel address for the next destination. Which I'm sure will arrive via carrier pigeon any second now. (Because you know Aubrey would ironically have a carrier pigeon.) So check out these photos and join in me waiting for an invite to be their third wheel. And/or crying over the fact that you're the only person who didn't vacation in Mexico this week. Ugh, why must celebrities do everything without us?Aubrey Plaza Anna Kendrick mexico vacation

Anna Kendrick Aubrey Plaza Mexico Vacation Aubrey Plaza Anna Kendrick mexico vacation turtle
Aubrey Plaza holding turtle vacation Aubrey Plaza Middle Fingers Anna Kendrick Mexico Vacation Aubrey Plaza turtle photo