Anna Faris’ What’s Your Number? Tanked At The Box Office

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The new Anna Faris flick What's Your Number?, which had been considered a contender to be the “new Bridesmaids,” took a paltry 7th place at the box office its opening weekend. The film earned a mere $2 million on Friday, meaning it barely edged out Abduction for that 7th slot. Cinema Blend has called the move an “instant failure.”

If there's a message to be gleaned from this news, it's that audiences are demanding good comedy content.  Bridesmaids did well because Bridesmaids was a good movie, with well-rounded characters and first-rate jokes. All What's Your Number? has going for it is the talent of Anna Faris, who did all she could with a mediocre script.

Last week, we wrote about the movie's anti-feminist leanings and mentioned that the folks behind the film found themselves pandering to an audience they felt couldn't handle a sexually confident character. So they placated and dumbed the movie down, and guess what? It flopped as a result.

Hey Hollywood: women deserve good movies too. Have meeting about it, won't you?