Anna Duggar’s Sister Has Joined The Ranks Of The Baby-Making Army — With A Creepy Pro-Life Baby Announcement, No Less

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David Priscilla Waller pregnant first child Anna Duggar birth announcement pro-life

The last time we checked in with Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting, she was crossing her fingers that she would get pregnant with twins so that she could start to catch up to mother-in-law Michelle Duggar. But it turns out that Anna has inspired a devotee of her own: Her sister Priscilla Waller just revealed that she's expecting her first child with new husband David Waller. And yes, it's already a shitshow.

The Wallers appear to be just as big famewhores as the Duggars, because they awkwardly made their announcement over video. Not that they sat and talked to the camera like normal people, and also because they don't (yet) have their own camera crew following them around. Instead, I'm gonna presume that Priscilla filmed David sitting on their bed talking about the gift his wife gave him: Her positive pregnancy test and a psalm from the Bible. (Listen to his voice and tell me that's not a closeted gay man.)

And if that weren't enough to turn your stomach, they also released a birth announcement that's so painfully pro-life it'll make you shudder. They start things off by reminding us that children actually belong to the Lord and are entrusted to us for only a short time… then they delve into how, if their parents had been pro-choice, David and Priscilla might not be alive to start their own Duggar brood!!!

In essence, the fact that Priscilla is alive today is a miracle, being that she was born premature and had to be kept at the hospital for some time after her birth. Her parents were strongly advised not to have her because the child right before her was born with spina bifida. Today, you would never know anything of it because health and ability is unhindered.

Following David’s arrival, there were five healthy siblings born, but his mom also had four miscarriages as well. Two of the precious babies miscarried were right after David. David is fifth born and if his parents succumbed to the pressure of the day and only had four children, life would be totally different. We are so grateful that they viewed children as a blessing and not as a burden.

Whew, dodged a bullet there! Seriously, though, it's not enough to have Michelle telling us in confessional how she trusts the Lord to keep making her push out babies (and studiously ignores the clear fact that each kid she gives birth to is weaker than the last). Now we have to play the what-if game and get all self-righteous about how it's so fortunate that David and Priscilla's respective parents didn't give in to societal pressures. Yes, we're so lucky to have yet another crazy couple who are more interested in the attention and validation of having way too many kids, than actually taking care of their gigantic families.

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