Angus T. Jones Continues To Align Himself With Creepy People By Dating Uber-Fan ‘Stalker Sarah’

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Angus T. Jones dating Stalker Sarah GIF @SarahMOnline celebrity photos Forerunner religious rant Two and a Half MenWhen it rains, it pours: Now that we know all about Angus T. Jones getting brainwashed by his church into denouncing Two and a Half Men, we’re learning more and more details of his private life. Now Celebuzz announces that Angus is dating internet celebrity Stalker Sarah… and there’s plenty of evidence to support it.

But first, you might be wondering why you don’t know about Stalker Sarah. Despite the jokey nickname, this 17-year-old isn’t known for hiding out in famous folks’ backyards; she gets her celebrity encounters the usual way, by walking up to stars on the red carpet and snapping the same photo every time. Don’t believe me? Check out this GIF:

Angus T. Jones dating Stalker Sarah GIF @SarahMOnline celebrity photos Forerunner religious rant Two and a Half MenShe’s been doing this for several years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets invited to events at this point. She’s got over 63,000 followers on Twitter, where she goes by @SarahMOnline—no last name, because she’s afraid of internet predators. Yes, it’s wonderfully ironic. Although interestingly, she does provide a mailing address for her fans to reach her.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, Sarah remained coy on how she manages to meet so freaking many stars:

There’s a rumor that Mr. M is a paparazzo — but Sarah is quick to dismiss it, even though she won’t reveal what he does do for a living. While Sarah also claims her dad doesn’t work in the entertainment industry, he must at least have serious connections with people who do. When asked how she initially gained access to star-studded events, Sarah simply answers, “I have my sources, and I do my research.” She also told me that her manager — yes, the girl has a manager — is a “close personal family friend” who also manages her own son, a young actor on a “long-running” TV show Sarah wouldn’t name.

Could Angus be that family friend? Maybe not, according to Celebuzz: Their sources say that Angus reached out to Mr. M and asked to be introduced to Sarah, though they also both attend the same church. Allegedly they’ve been keeping their relationship secret for several months, and yet it took no time for me to find an entire Flickr gallery’s worth of photos of them cuddling and goofing off.

Angus T. Jones dating Stalker Sarah GIF @SarahMOnline celebrity photos Forerunner religious rant Two and a Half MenFor the moment, Sarah is staying very vague about the nature of their relationship. When this news broke the other day, she tweeted,

Okay, going to sleep, but remember – don’t believe everything you hear and read. #goodnight

And when pressed with the specific question, she cracked a joke about the Jonas Brothers, who I can only assume were the first celebrities she started snapping photos with considering how often she pops up with them:

When did he become one of the Jonas Brothers? RT @haileybaldwin: Angus T. Jonas is dating Sarah M online….what is happening this is world?

Either way, Angus has been aligning himself with viral stars as of late. Sarah certainly seems less harmful than religious figure Forerunner, but maybe Angus shouldn’t be doing anything that will put him in the news.

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