Here’s Your Chance To Interview ‘Stop Sign’ Singer Angelique Sabrina!

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Angelique Sabrina Press Photo

Summer is pretty much here which means it's time for some awesome, dancey, summery-sounding music. We've found exactly that in the songs of Angelique Sabrina, the fifteen-year-old that's been dubbed the next Rihanna. Sure, Angelique and Rihanna are both from the Caribbean, but if you're comparing their music, Angelique's more relates to “Pon De Replay” or “Rude Boy” than “Love The Way You Lie.” Angelique's songs are fun and make you wish you were out on a beach, preferable in The Bahamas, where Angelique's from. Her newest single “Stop Sign” definitely sounds like it'd make a good soundtrack for driving around on a sunny day or for night out dancing.

Angelique started her career early, entering a talent show and performing when she was only eight. “I grew up around this passion, love, and creativity for music,” says Angelique of her musical family, “From a young age, I knew that this is what I want to do.” And let's be real, she's still at a young age! At just fifteen, Angelique seems totally confident singing and dancing in her music videos and has an edgy fashion sense to match. In addition to her fun pop songs, Angelique has performed an original song she wrote for Sidney Poitier when he was visiting The Bahamas, his home country. Oprah was also there and any girl that can keep her cool in from of Oprah is impressive to me!

We've interviewed Angelique before, but now that you know a little about Angelique, how would you like to interview her yourself? We're giving you the opportunity this Friday during our live Facebook chat where fans will get the chance to ask Angelique whatever questions they have. Do you want to know when her album will be released? How touring has been? What is feels like to hear her song on TV and the radio? Ask her! Just be sure to LIKE Crushable's Facebook page by Friday, May 24th at 3pm.