Angelina Jolie Gets Daughter A Role In Maleficent, ‘Forgets’ To Offer Role To Jennifer Aniston

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Unlike the rest of the members of the illustrious Hollywood parenting club, Angelina Jolie doesn't pretend like she doesn't want to get her children into acting. Nope she's all about using her powers to get her children on the big screen as soon as possible. That's why she pushed producers to cast her youngest daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, as Princess Aurora in Maleficent.

The Sun says, “The mum-of-six thought her youngest would be ideal for the role and persuaded bosses to sign her.” And by persuade, I think we all know she walked into her bosses' office and did this:

While Vivienne has no formal acting training or any recommendation from acting coaches on Linkedin, we're confident that she can play the role of Princess Aurora. Mostly because she plays Angelina Jolie's daughter in real life, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to play a daughter in the movie. And it's not like Angelina Jolie will dress any differently than usual as Maleficient. I'm pretty sure  that Ang wore this dress to the Oscars two years ago. So no confusion for little Viv there.

The question is how she's going to explain this casting choice to her other children, you know, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and Knox. Why couldn't she get them a role in the movie as well. Is it so unbelievable that Maleficent hate other children and want to curse them as well? And while we're at it, no part for Brad Pitt? Or Jennifer Aniston?

I mean, if it's all water under the bridge, then get that girl a role in the movie. Unless it's not and the love triangle's still very much intact. Which brings me to the obvious question: did Angelina Jolie offer Vivienne this role to remind Jennifer Aniston that she can marry Justin Theroux all the live long day, but she'll always have more power in Hollywood — and more children.

I don't know for sure what message she's trying to send. All I know is that Us Weekly needs to get on this stat. Do some research and get some empty womb quotes from Jennifer Aniston. If this doesn't qualify as breaking news, then I don't know what does.

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