This Angelina Jolie Speech Is So Beautiful That Watching It Will Make You Prettier

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While you spent this weekend laying in your sweatpants and clearing out your DVR, Angelina Jolie spent it delivering one of the most touching award show speeches I've ever heard. And as a professional award shows junkie, I've heard a lot. “But what awards show?” I can you hear you asking as you check your calendar and make sure that it's not 2014. The Governors Awards, dumdum! It's um, that awards show, that well, honors actors. You see, actors liked being honored. Turns out that the winter awards season wasn't actually long enough to get all the honoring in. So in 2009, they threw together this one for the fall. Presumably so actors could have something to brag about at Thanksgiving. “Well Aunt Denise, my year was pretty good, I just won an award for being awesome at my job. But please tell me, how is your vegetable garden growing?”

Ang brought Brad Pitt and the extremely aged Maddox Jolie-Pitt (seriously prepare to feel ancient when you see him) to accept the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. After so many years of seeing her as an invincible superhuman capable of turning people to stone with one wayward stink eye, it's absolutely incredible to see her so humbled by this award. Also, by the world. She talks incredibly eloquently about how fortunate she is to be standing where she is when there are so many women who will never be given that chance. The fact that she not only understands this, but devotes so much of her life to addressing this inequality amazes me. And in case that's not enough to get the tears going, she also talks about her mother's influence on her art and her love for her family.

Excuse me while my face goes and makes love to a tissue.

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