Based On This 8th Grade Photo, Angelina Jolie Has Never Been Awkward. Ever. In Her Life.

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Angelina Jolie


There's nothing like seeing an old photo of a celebrity when they were a kid and taking solace in the fact that, even though they now have flawless skin and rock-hard abs and shiny hair, they too had an awkward phase. This photo of Angelina Jolie will not have that effect on you. In fact it will just convince you that she emerged from the womb looking like a beautiful movie star and was never even a child to begin with. Just file it under “Things That Are Not Fair and Never Will Be.”

Buzzfeed says this is an 8th grade graduation photo from 1989, when she would have been 13 or 14. However, the imgur page for the photo says it's from prom. Well, I never wore a blingy necklace and held a bouquet at my 8th grade graduation, and I also never had prom in the 8th grade, so I'm not really sure which thing this is from, but either way you should look upon it now:

Angelina Jolie 8th grade

(Photo: imgur)

I don't know about you, but 8th grade was probably when my awkwardness peaked. There were braces, unbrushed hair, sweatshirts tied around the waist, Mardi Gras beads worn like regular jewelry, neon blue trench coats made of corduroy that I wore in the rain. It wasn't good. So if Angelina looked this well-groomed and grown-up at that age, I think it's safe to say there's no awkward phase in her past. In fact, if she and Brad ever go through with that whole getting married thing, and you put her wedding photo next to this, we won't be able to tell the difference. Except there won't be that awful background behind her. Seriously, how many decades have schools been using those hideous things?

If you're feeling a little down in the dumps after glimpsing that, allow me to prescribe you the perfect remedy. Just stare for 30 seconds at this childhood photo of January Jones with a mullet. Feeling better? Yeah, I thought so. We'll get through this together.