Brangelina Wants Two More Kids, ‘Cause You Really Need Eight For A Proper Scrimmage

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Angelina Jolie and Bradd Pitt attending World War Z premiere in Berlin June 2013The second hand on the Brangelina baby clock must have just struck midnight, because apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ready for more kids. Two more, to be specific, one biological and one adopted. As much as every bone in my sarcastic body is angling to make this into a jokey post, I think it's actually really great that they have a big family. They're obviously really happy with each other and Maddox, Zahara, PaxShiloh, Vivienne, and Knox, and they've set a really good example as far as adoption and global goodwill and integrating families, in my opinion. I'm super impressed. I know I personally couldn't handle three kids, let alone six, let alone eight, but it seems like they're coming into a really happy home, so I can't think of anything better. (Plus, they're absolutely the best in the game at coming up with amazing names, if you ask me.) According to a source:

“Angie and Brad's attitude towards kids is the more the better – and that once you have several a few more makes no difference. She has been particularly touched by the situation in Syria and wants to adopt a child from Jordan to do her bit to help. The publicity would help draw the world's attention to what's going on there.”

See, that's an excellent use of celebrity. You give the world an education on the issues happening in Syria, and you receive a loving bundle of kidfun. What could be greater?

“The twins are now four and Angie and Brad have agreed it's time for more kids. They're crossing their fingers that they'll bring their next child home soon. She is friends with Queen Rania of Jordan, so that has got to help with adopting a child.”

Yeah same. I'm also friends with her, so it's no big deal and stuff. Also HOW ARE THE TWINS FOUR ALREADY?! How did that possibly happen? Weren't they just born like…four years ago? And hasn't my life, like, barely changed at all since then? Awesome. In addition to adopting, though…

“Angie and Brad also want to have one more biological child so she is eating a diet rich in potassium. Angie and Brad are even more into their family after her recent health scare. It has focused them on what's important in life.”

Yup, for once it's true — I have nothing even the tiniest bit snarky to say about this. It's great to see generous, loving celebrities expanding their families! And getting a really big head start on the neighborhood softball league in the process.

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