Angelina Jolie Thinks It’s Ridiculous That She’s The Only Woman To Ever Direct Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie Thinks It s Ridiculous That She s the Only Woman to Ever Direct Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attending sexual violence in conflict conference in London June 2014 jpg

In case you missed it, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are starring in an upcoming movie together called By the Sea. It’s their first time acting together since 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They play a married couple in both films, but this new one looks a bit more artsy and emotional than its ten-year-old predecessor. (And by “a bit,” I mean a lot. Have you seen the trailer?)

By the Sea also happens to have been written, produced and directed by Angelina herself. It might surprise you to hear that not only was this Brad’s first time being directed by his wife, but it was also his first time being directed by a woman. Any woman. Seriously.

There’s a new interview with Angelina in the New York Times, and in it the interviewer mentions the current controversy over gender discrimination in the film industry, bringing up how few female directors are working today and asking Angelina why she’s “often seemed to resist discussing what it’s like to be part of such a small group.” Here’s what she says:

I just think that sometimes people in the business focus on the fact that you’re a minority. I don’t want people saying, “Should we get a female director?” I want to hear, “Should we get a great director for this movie?” But I’m the first female director that Brad’s ever worked with. That doesn’t seem right when you think about it.

Damn straight it doesn’t seem right! Brad Pitt, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, an actor with dozens of roles under his belt, never worked with a female director before now. After almost three decades in the business, the first woman to direct him was his own wife. Pardon my French, but what the fuck? Can we get some change up in here, please?

Angelina admits that sexism is a problem that needs to be addressed in the film industry, but she wants to focus on “the positive side of what we can bring.” In addition to directing her own films, she’s also supporting other female directors. She mentions her current work producing an Afghan-focused animated film called The Breadwinner by Nora Twomey.

Here’s hoping the industry can get its act together soon. Angelina might be the first woman to direct Brad, but she sure as hell shouldn’t be the last.

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