You’ll Want To Watch This Video Of Angelina Grabbing Brad’s Butt On Repeat All Day

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I tend to think of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as stoic Hollywood gods who are focused 24/7 on looking elegant and poised during every public event. And they do, for the most part. Usually when they make an appearance at an award show they look like they'd rather be off traveling the world or donating to charity, but they have to be there because they're celebrities to pay the bills. Angelina especially so. Sometimes I look at her and can feel myself turning to stone. But this weekend they seemed to really let loose, and I'm kind of loving it.

I mean, did you see them last night at the Oscars? They were having so much fun. Angelina made a beeline for Ellen's celebrity selfie. She needed absolutely no convincing, and she was smiling like a goofball. But that wasn't the only time this weekend that she let her wacky flag fly. At Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, before she and Brad entered the show and smiled politely at Patton Oswalt's awkward monologue, they took some time to sign autographs for fans outside. Angelina passed behind Brad at one point, so obviously she reached out and gave his butt a little grab. And then just walked away and continued signing with a mischievous smirk on her face.

If you look closely you can see Brad turn around and laugh. Later I imagine that he, Angelina and her famous right leg put their one thousand children to bed and enjoyed a bottle of champagne by the fire on a sofa stuffed with money while having a serious and romantic discussion about world peace and politics. If you're not into using your imagination and are more into seeing things with your eyes, just go ahead and watch the video right here of the butt grab heard round the world, complete with handy-dandy slow motion instant replay.

(Photo: Wenn.com)