Let’s Play Two Truths And A Lie About Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie UK premiere of World War Z June 2013

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of things about Angelina Jolie in your lifetime (and probably in any past lifetimes you've lived), whether it’s your conservative aunt talking about how she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston in some sort of elaborate husband heist, or just the tabloids at the supermarket screaming that her WEDDING IS OFF every week. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the truth from the fiction and the ridiculous exaggeration, especially since Angie has been known to do some questionable things, like marrying Billy Bob Thornton or that whole Beowulf thing.

Since today is Angelina’s 38th birthday, we thought it would be fun to test just how much you know about her by playing the fun game “Two Truths and a Lie.” You might be familiar with it from seeing celebrities play it on talk shows, where it almost always involves them bragging about people they went to high school with. You might have played it at parties or as an icebreaker in a college class, where it almost always leads to you finding out the people you’re about to spend a semester with have done some pretty creepy stuff. If you’re not aware of it, the idea is that you are presented with two true statements about a person and one made-up statement, and you have to figure out which one is the lie. Are you excited yet? You should be. Quizzes are fun.

Look at each set of statements, which have been organized by theme, and guess which one is the lie. Some are pretty obvious (you’re welcome), but I’d like to think some are pretty difficult. When you want to find out the lie, click the link below the choices to go to the answer page. Ready? Let’s go!


A. She’s set to reprise her voiceover work as Tigress in Kung Fu Panda 3.

B. Her first starring role was as a cyborg in a direct-to-video movie called Cyborg 2.

C. She’s currently writing a movie called A Hoop That Never Ends, based on her own experience with adoption.

Click here to see if you’re right.


A. “I have a pet raven named Excalibur. He has a tattoo of a smaller raven on his wing.”

B. “When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.”

C. “The fact is I am not having sex. But I feel absolutely ripe for the – what would you say – plucking?”

Click here to see if you’re right.


A. Brad Pitt once carried her to the end of the red carpet when her heel broke.

B.  Her boyfriend lived with her when she was 14 years old.

C. When she married her first husband Jonny Lee Miller she wore a T-shirt with his name written across it in blood.

Click here to see if you’re right.


A. The first photos of her twins Knox and Vivienne were the most expensive celebrity photos ever sold.

B. Her first adopted child Maddox was born in Cambodia.

C. She scheduled the announcement of her first pregnancy to line up with a magazine cover about Jennifer Aniston being desperate for a baby.

Click here to see if you’re right.


A. A Tennessee Williams quote on her arm.

B. A tiger on her lower back.

C. The Japanese symbol for “woman” on her ankle.

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A. She kept a sample of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck.

B. She kissed her brother on the mouth when she won her Oscar.

C. If you unscramble the letters on her license plate, it spells JEN SUX.

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A. When she was a kid she aspired to be a funeral director.

B.  She was born in Palisades, New York.

C. Her first role was in one of her father John Voight’s movies when she was six years old.

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A. She modeled bathing suits as a teenager.

B. When she accepted her Oscar in 2000, a lot of people said she was dressed like Elvira.

C. She killed the swan that Bjork wore to the 2001 Oscars with her bare hands. She ate it later with low-fat honey mustard.

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A. She’s won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Liar.

B. She has won two Oscars.

C. She’s been nominated for eight Razzies.

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A. She went to high school with Reese Witherspoon.

B. She has a pilot’s license.

C. She named a charitable foundation after her son Maddox.

Click here to see if you’re right.

Did you have fun? I sure hope so. Now that you know more about Angelina Jolie, you can go finish that acrostic poem you’re making for her birthday. Run along.

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