Andy Samberg Made A Justin Bieber Parody Movie, So Make Sure To Thank Whatever Gods You Believe In

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Andy Samberg Made a Justin Bieber Parody Movie  So Make Sure to Thank Whatever Gods You Believe In Andy Samberg Popstar trailer 2016 gif

I’ve gone back and forth about Andy Samberg over the years. One minute I’m like “Ugh, enough with the dick jokes already,” and the next minute I’m all “Haha, ‘Dick in a Box’ is classic.” One minute I’m cringing over the prospect of him hosting the Emmys, the next minute I’m hoping he’ll be back. And now, after watching the trailer for his new movie with Lonely Island collaborators Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, I’m firmly in the pro-Samberg club. Why? Because it’s a mockumentary about a pop star who bears a striking resemblance to a guy named Justin Bieber.

The movie is called Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, an obvious play on Bieber’s documentary Never Say Never — and a hilarious one. Andy’s character says things that could totally have been lifted from any number of Justin Bieber interviews. For example, “My fans and me, we’re in love. The arena is our bedroom, and the stage… the stage is where we fuck.” Also his closing statement that “it takes a village to make me look dope.” And don’t forget the moment he totally fails to dunk a basketball but everyone around him declares that it went in. Pretty sure that exact thing happened to Justin once, didn’t it?

The movie stars plenty of funny people as Andy’s entourage, from Bill Hader as his flatlining roadie to Sarah Silverman as his publicist, who wants him to be “everywhere, like oxygen or gravity or clinical depression.” And there’s even a cameo from Adam Levine’s hologram. The movie is out June 3, so be sure to mark your calendars for the amazingness. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this trailer is definitely NSFW. But it’s totally worth losing your job over, if you ask me. (Just kidding, please don’t do that.)

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