Andy Samberg’s Hilarious Hugh Jackman Story Will Make You Like Both Of Them Even More

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Andy Samberg Jimmy Fallon July 2013

Last night Andy Samberg went on Late Night with Dada Jimmy Fallon to talk about his upcoming show Brooklyn 99 and also to give me unexpected feelings of attraction towards him. It's not that I haven't thought he was cute and funny before, but something about seeing him in those glasses and that button-down that looks like it came from the front table of an American Eagle store, refraining from doing weird voices or singing about jizzing his pants, really does it for me. He looks like the kind of guy I would make an effort to sit next to in a college lecture hall. He also looks like he probably smells really nice and would let me borrow his syllabus to confirm the reading assignment.

Okay, taking myself out of that bookish fantasy, I'd like to discuss the story Andy tells about Hugh Jackman, a man I already knew I adored. Andy explains that he once played Hugh Jackman on Saturday Night Live in a sketch where he hosts a talk show for actors who take on conflicting roles. (You should definitely go watch itAbby Elliot makes an appearance as Nancy Grace and somebody very familiar appears as Daniel Radcliffe.) Andy details what happened when he and Hugh attended the same Knicks game after that sketch aired. As SNL alum Jimmy agrees, running into the person you've just impersonated can be scary. It's like a large-scale version of gossiping about someone at the lunch table and then realizing they're right behind you. Thankfully, Hugh Jackman is good-natured and hilarious, so his reaction to seeing Andy on the Jumbotron is absolutely perfect, and the next best thing to Hugh Jackman actually being there on Late Night to help Andy act it out is for Andy to once again take on the role of Hugh himself. Which I hope will lead to another hilarious, faux-angry encounter which will lead to another reenactment which… okay, you get it.

I'd say that Hugh Jackman totally steals Andy's thunder in this talk show appearance without even showing his face, but Andy's still wearing those glasses so I'ma call it even. Both men retain their thunder, and I like them both even more. Excuse me while I go fetch my diary to adjust my celebrity ratings. Two points each for Andy and Hugh! Then maybe an extra one for Andy because oh my god those glasses.