Watch Andy Samberg’s Hilarious, Star-Studded Opening Number From Last Night’s Emmys

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Watch Andy Samberg s Hilarious  Star Studded Opening Number From Last Night s Emmys Andy Samberg Kerry Washington Emmys 2015 opening gif

I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Andy Samberg. I was expecting his Emmys hosting to be tiresome and overdone. But he turned out to be pretty dang great, and the show was overall one of the best in years. Maybe it’s because my expectations were so low that I enjoyed it so much. I need to use that technique more often. But first I think I’ll watch Andy’s great opening number one more time. If you missed it, have no fear. You can watch it below as many times as you want.

The premise of the skit is that Andy, upon realizing how many TV shows he hasn’t watched, locks himself in a bunker for a year and watches them all. I think, given the opportunity, we would all do the same. You know, if we didn’t have real-life responsibilities and loved ones who insist on seeing us. However, I have to say that Andy’s disheveled look is not so different from my own after a weekend of Netflix bingeing. Yes, I actually grow a beard. I may not smell like “dog feces,” but I do probably smell like Ritz crackers, which is my main form of sustenance during said binges.

If the totally relatable premise isn’t enough to make you want to watch, perhaps the celebrity cameos will be. Jon Hamm and Kerry Washington are there to be disgusted by Andy’s lack of hygiene, Nathan Fillion is there to remind him to watch Castle, and Billy Eichner is there playing his son. (You’ll understand when you watch. Actually, no you won’t.) There’s also a very bearded Will Forte, as well as Bob Odenkirk, who I’m pretty sure is legally required to appear in everything ever. So go forth, enjoy, and marvel at how many shows about wives there are.

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