Ellen Makes Andy Lassner Get His Flu Shot On Air, But Only Because She’s The Best Boss Ever

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Andy Lassner Flu Shot on Ellen 2014

As much as I love working at Crushable, I'd drop this job in a heartbeat if Ellen DeGeneres offered me a job. Sorry boss, but Ellen seems a whole lot more pro-active when it comes to traumatizing her employees. After all, what's a job without a little trauma. I mean, you can only talk to your therapist about your childhood for so long before you run out of material. At some point, someone in your life's going to have to be the person who gives you something to talk about on that couch for an hour.

And for the lucky employees of The Ellen Show, it's Ellen herself! Take last Halloween for example. She sent producer Andy Lassner and writer Amy Rhodes to a haunted house. Not because they like them, but because they're truly horrified by them. And what a fun time they ended up having! Okay, maybe they didn't have a fun time. But I certainly did! Never have I ever laughed so hard at a video of two grown adults peeing their pants.

Now that Andy's recovered from that, she's putting him back in the horror hot seat by making him get a flu shot on air — for the second year in a row. One second he's behind the camera and the next second he's sitting on a stage while a nurse jabs a needle into this arm. You know, all in a day's work at The Ellen Show. And before you start wondering about the ethics of this, just know that it's better to do it this way. After all, the longer you wait to get that flu shot, the longer that needle becomes in your mind. By the time I got around to getting mine this year, I was picturing someone rolling up my sleeve and shoving my arm down a shark's mouth. So yeah, Andy's pretty lucky that Ellen had him do it this way.

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