Andrew Garfield Got Weirdly Mad At A Reporter For Calling Emma Stone His Girlfriend

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone attending Amazing Spider Man London premiere April 2014You know that thing where you meet your girlfriend doing a huge franchise movie, so you do the whole promo circuit together? And it's adorable and everyone loves it, and then you do one interview separately, and someone refers to your girlfriend as your girlfriend, and all of a sudden you're WHAT WHO WHY I NEVER.

Well that happened to Andrew Garfield, who for whatever reason totally clammed up when a reporter referred to Emma Stone as his girlfriend. I don't know if he had something going on that day or what, but in my mind, it was a really weird overreaction to a very innocuous comment.

Like I said, the stars split up for this The Amazing Spider Man 2 interview, but even though they were separate, they both got the same question from the same outlet, which was ITN News. They asked what animal's abilities each actor would like to inherit after being bitten, just like Peter Parker with that whole spider thing, and Emma answered:

“I would probably want to be a bird.”

Annnnnnd as coincidence would have it, Andrew had the same thought:

“A bird! An eagle! I'd like to get bitten by an eagle and then I'll have a nice fly around the world and I'll shit on bad people.”

The reporter thought that was interesting enough that she decided to tell Andrew later on that both he and Emma had chosen the same animal, saying:

“Your girlfriend gave the same answer.”

And then things got weird.

Andrew: “Who's my girlfriend? You're making an assumption about my personal life, and my personal life is not public property.”

Reporter: “Isn't it?”

Andrew: “Nope.”

Reporter: “You're in a massive film with her.”

At which point apparently Andrew became slightly more contrite with this response:

“We're acting together, yes.”

Okay. Let me say first of all that there are some very logical reasons not to want Emma to be referred to as ‘your girlfriend'. And not even romantic ones, but career ones! She's an independent performer, and it would make sense for him to want her to be referred to by name instead of just fading into being his significant other.

BUT. These two have been together for almost three years and are incredibly high-profile, so you can't be mad at people for knowing you're together. It may not be fair, but you did choose a career in which the lines blur significantly between your personal and private lives. Especially because you're acting opposite each other in the movie!

Be grumpy if you want to, but taking it out on the reporter without explaining why is kind of uncool.

(Photo: Lexi Jones / WENN.com)