Shirtless Andrew Garfield Teaches Surfing To Kids With Autism, Instantly Becomes 10X More Attractive

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Andrew Garfield Bondi Beach Australia Surfing for Autism March 2014

Here are a few tips for any men out there who want to be more attractive. First of all, don't be a douchebag. Second of all, try to stand as close as possible to a child and/or dog at all times. Third of all, do something nice for other people. Or an easier route to take is to just become Andrew Garfield through some kind of magical spell. Why? Because he's already got all those other criteria covered. Just take a look at these photos of him at the Hunter Connect Surfing for Autism event in Sydney, Australia. It happened on Friday, which is today if you're an Amurrican, but was actually tomorrow when it was yesterday… don't make me explain time zones.

The event is devoted to teaching children with autism how to surf. It's also apparently devoted to making us love Andrew Garfield more than we already did. I was already pretty fond of him, mostly because he dates Emma Stone, and anyone Emma Stone approves of has got to be pretty great. I mean, did you see that video of her fangirling over a Spice Girl (which happened to also be in Australia because they're there together promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and ahhh I love them)? As soon as it hit the Internet, rumor has it approximately 200 babies just threw in the towel and gave up on trying to be the cutest. Except Maxwell Johnson. She's still very focused on the job.

Andrew Garfield Bondi Beach Australia Surfing for Autism March 2014 2

But seeing Andrew be charitable just makes me that much more attracted to him. It doesn't hurt that he's shirtless and/or wearing a skin-tight shirt in these photos. I mean, I'd probably still be attracted to him either way, but it's a nice bonus. And he apparently left a great impression on the people involved, since Hunter Connect posted a photo to Facebook saying Andrew was “incredibly understanding and genuine with our Hunter Connect children whilst catching some waves.” Understanding and genuine? Stop right there. Those are the first two items on my list of standards, so I'm sold.

(Photos: Scope Australia,PacificCoastNews)