Well Aren’t These Photos Of Andrew Garfield Playing With His Nephew In Costume An Afternoon Delight

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Andrew Garfield on Spider-Man Set 2013 NephewYou know what this Tuesday needs? Photos of Andrew Garfield dressed up like Spider-Man while playing with his young nephew on the set of the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. I know, I know, I took the words right out of your mouth. You were just going to say that! I guess it is the obvious answer to the question “what does this Tuesday need?” So yeah, with that little conversation between the two of us out of the way, let's talk about these photos.

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Set Candids 2013 nephew

Obviously they're precious. You have a guy in costume playing with a small child — who I must add, the child knows. If the child doesn't know the costumed adult male, then it's not so much precious as it is a case for Stabler & Benson. Unless you're in Times Square, then it's just hella annoying. (Although the costumed creatures there do give me a chance to practice my best “Are you serious? I'm a New Yorker Bitch” face.) Luckily these photos don't make us worry about anything other than figuring how to get an invite to the weekly Garfield family brunch. I assume all families with famous people have these weekly brunches — if only to tell their friends that they're having a little brunch with their family who *ahem* include their award-winning sibling who *ahem* got spotted on the

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Set Candids 2013

We know from the Pacific Coast News captions that Andrew's brother is named Ben and this is his son. It's weird to think that young Ben's son doesn't know that his Uncle Andrew's dating Emma Stone, only one of the coolest people alive. He probably also doesn't know who Spider-Man is either. Ben's son might be cute, but odds are high there's a lot he doesn't know. I would probably not invite him to trivia night. Or even sit next to him at Garfield Family Brunch. He probably doesn't even know how to use a fork yet. Nevertheless, I'll cherish these photos forever and ever and ever or until the next hot celeb does something cute. Either/or.

Also, P.S – Not only do I know who that other baby is, but I don't know which one is Ben. For all know one is Ben and one is Ben's stunt double.

(Photos: Jose Perez, PacificCoastNews.com)