Andrew Garfield Sings The Spider-Man Theme Song On Guitar, Because There’s Just No Limit To His Cuteness

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Andrew Garfield Jimmy Fallon singing guitar May 2014 If you were wondering whether the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was finished with their press tour just because the movie's out now, think again. And if you also thought Andrew Garfield was done being cute, also think again. He's not ready to put his cuteness away in storage just yet, which he proved last night by going on The Tonight Show and playing the Spider-Man theme song on guitar — and singing too!

It all starts when Jimmy Fallon brings up the fact that Andrew is learning to play guitar. I'm starting to suspect this is something all adorable Hollywood men do in order to make themselves more adorable. I feel like every day another cute patootie is showing off his amateur guitar skills on a talk show. I might just be thinking of Zac Efron, though. Sometimes he takes up my entire brain and I think he's multiple people. But anyway, back to Andrew. He gets delightfully nervous about singing in public, then makes an Adele Dazeem joke. Sure, he says “Nazeem” instead of “Dazeem” — and the fact that I'm correcting someone for mispronouncing an already mispronounced name is admittedly ridiculous — but it's great nonetheless.

And then he just starts strumming and singing, and eventually Jimmy joins him on the tambourine in the background, because why wouldn't he? The Roots join in too, and suddenly it's just one big cuteness party. To be fair, pretty much every episode of Jimmy's Tonight Show is one big cuteness party, but when a leather-jacket-wearing Andrew Garfield on guitar is involved, it gets so cute that puppies start crying out of jealousy. Just look at them, shamelessly stealing attention away from puppies. The only thing that could earn my forgiveness is if Andrew stars in a musical ASAP. Preferably with Emma Stone. And Spice Girls music.

(GIF: Tumblr)