Andrew Garfield Ogling Some Lakers Cheerleaders Who Are Decidedly Not Emma Stone

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Does Andrew Garfield know he's famous? Does somebody want to tell him? Because if he knows he's famous, surely he also knows that there's a good chance that if he goes to a basketball game, he might be photographed at said game…while making an appreciative stank face at a curvaceous cheerleader. Listen, I'm all for enjoying the sights and sounds around you, but if you're famous and dating someone else who's famous — in this case the fabulous, wonderful, totally girl-crush-worthy Emma Stone — then you gotta keep your face to yourself a little bit.

It's one thing to sit quietly in enjoyment, but Andrew! You are SO CLEARLY going, “Ohhhh daaaaamn, girl! You nasty!” I can hear you saying it! And actually I can't stop cracking up looking through the pictures. You go through a whole arc of human emotion in front of the cameras, as does the guy next to you, who is really struggling to remember that he's at a basketball game and not watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show in the privacy of his own living room. I don't know what you fellas were doing beforehand…maybe watching a basketball game? But it's obvious by your faces that you dropped everything, including your jaw, as soon as the Laker Buns stepped on the court. (I have no idea what the real name is for the Lakers' cheerleaders, but Laker Buns seemed as fitting as anything.)

This. Is. Hilarious to me. I could honestly look at these pictures all day. But Mr. Garfield, sir, you are an actor. You're supposed to be in control of yourself in situations like this. Don't forget that your face is a face, and that if you're not paying attention, it can show the world all your most secret thoughts and boners. You're welcome and that will be all. Tell Emma I said hi, as soon as she lets you stop sleeping on the couch and come back to the bedroom.

(Image: Pedro Andrade / KVS / Pacific Coast News)