Andrew Garfield’s First Love Has A Spice Girls Connection, So It Would Seem He Has A Type

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Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Graham Norton Show April 2014

You know that thing where you meet your BFF's new boyfriend and you're like, “Wow, this guy looks just like the last one. What a type” Or when Selena Gomez hangs out with Austin Mahone and you're like, “Jeez louise, back to Bieber again? Oh, that's not Bieber? What a type”? Turns out some people have weirdly specific types. For Andrew Garfield it's Spice Girls fangirls.

Unless you've been living under an anti-Emma Stone stone, you've probably at least heard about Andrew's girlfriend's (but don't call her that) obsession with the Spice Girls. The group has sort of taken over her press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it's. Been. Adorable. Based on Andrew's reaction to it, which practically includes bulging pink sparkly heart eyes, he would agree with that statement.

When Andrew and Emma visited The Graham Norton Show, Graham decided to keep the trend going and focus plenty of attention on the Spice Girls. That included pranking Emma into thinking she was meeting them, as well as inquiring about an early crush of Andrew's, who apparently has a Spice Girls connection. After expressing his shock over how Graham found this out (haven't you heard talk show hosts are wizards, Andrew?), he tells a precious and utterly tragic story about his first love and the Spice Girls song she used as a pickup line.

And he says it all with Emma sitting right next to him giggling and gaping and being the cutie patootie that she is. She doesn't even look jealous at all, because hellooo Sara(h) the British Spice Girls fan who broke Andrew Garfield's heart! Guess which fangirl has two thumbs, got the guy, and is sitting next to him on a talk show promoting their blockbuster movie? That girl. Okay, so the “two thumbs” thing didn't really work there. Pretend I didn't say that.