Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Awkwardly Sing About The Amazing Spider-Man For German TV

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What is it about famous couples that makes them want to burst out into song when promoting movies on German television? Or is it just Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield who do that to promote The Amazing Spider-Man?

I do so much intensive investigative journalism work that I can't keep track of which couples speak during their interviews on European TV and which couples sing during their interviews on European TV.

Either way Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield burst into song while promoting the movie abroad. They're starring in the film as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. And it's heartwarming to note that this is where the star-crossed lovers met and fell into PR photos.

While their song's in English, I'm still not exactly sure what they're talking about. I suppose the plot, but maybe it's an inside sex joke. It's hard to tell. Especially when they ruin the moment by bursting into song as soon as they finish singing.

Perhaps this German description on the Youtube video will help:

Die Stars aus “The Amazing Spider-Man” – Emma Stone und Andrew Garfield – stellen in einem kurzen, lustigen Song ihren neuen Film vor!

Or maybe not.

Either way, the lyrics have us psyched to see the movie in July. Watch Peter Und Gwen Singen and tell us if you're also going to buy tickets to see it this summer.