Andrew Garfield Talks About Emma Stone On Ellen, Adorableness Ensues

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield continue to be one of my favorite Hollywood couples.  If they don't get married, make faux-red-haired babies and spend the rest of the lives being adorable together, I have no reason to continue living. I'm directly attaching my happiness to their happiness.

I suggest you do the same with your favorite couple. Four out of five dentists agree that it's the emotionally healthy choice to make.

Now that we've established that little fun fact, we can talk about what Emdrew did today to make me fall even more in love with them. Andrew went on The Ellen Show to discuss The Amazing Spider-Man and ended up talking about who he's kept in touch with from the movie.

Naturally he says Denis Leary and him really hit it off while filming the movie. In fact, they actually just moved in together. When Ellen asks if he's kept in touch with Emma Stone, he gets so nervous that it's actually adorable.

UGH, I LOVE LOVE! It's just the greatest. In a world where so many couples seem manufactured in Hollywood, they appear to be the real deal.

Questionable beards aside, I could listen to him stammer about Emma Stone all day long. (So Hollywood producers reading this, can we get the EmDrew movie made in 3D stat?).

And for a bonus treat, here's Andrew Garfield dancing for charity. You're welcome.