The Time Has Come, My Friends, To Talk About Andrew Garfield’s Beard

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The Time Has Come  My Friends  To Talk About Andrew Garfield s Beard Andrew Garfield Worldwide Orphans Gala November 2014 jpg

Hello sir or madam, how are you today? Do you have a few moments to discuss Andrew Garfield’s beard? He’s had it for a while now, as I first pointed it out in a September post titled “Crushable’s Guide To The Most Intense Celebrity Beards Happening At The Moment.” But last night he reminded us of its existence at the 10th Annual Worldwide Orphans Gala in New York City, and it looked scruffier than ever, so I figured it deserved its own post. Once you’re done being mesmerized by the above photo, let’s talk it out.

As is to be expected when actors sprout facial hair this intense, Andrew is sporting this for an upcoming role, most likely as a 17th century Portuguese Jesuit priest in Martin Scorsese’s film Silence. Andrew told InStyle earlier this month that he’s using the role “as an excuse just because I like it.” In fact, when he first debuted it a couple of months ago, he didn’t even associate it with a role, saying it’s “just for me, because I never thought in my life that I would go through puberty and it happened.”

So which came first, the beard or the beardly obligation? Regardless, I am impressed. I’m a tiny bit frightened as well, but mostly impressed. Just as long as he doesn’t go wearing a man bun like Leonardo DiCaprio. That’s just crossing a line.

It really is the perfect time to be sporting the look, being No Shave November and all. Andrew already got a head start, so he can play pranks on other dudes who haven’t seen photos of him in a while and be like, “See this? I only started growing it on November 1st. Oh, you started yours on the same day? Hmm, it’s so short. Nothing compared to what’s on my face. Marvel at my manly beard-growing ability!”

But Andrew is a classy and chill guy so he probably won’t do that, which I respect, even though I think it’s a missed opportunity.

(Photo: WENN.com)