Here’s A Video Of Andrew Garfield Kissing A Baby That Will Make You Wish You Were Still In Diapers

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Andrew Garfield filming Amazing Spider-Man 2 Baby Candid June 22 2013

I would say that 99.9% of mornings, I'm content with the fact that I have full control over my bladder. Then there's the .01% of mornings when I wake up, see a video of Andrew Garfield kissing a baby while wearing his Spider-Man costume and I wish otherwise. It's just that,I don't know, babies get things that us walking-folk don't. Like a full minute in the arms of a celebrity. I have a feeling that if I walked up to him on the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set and jumped into his arms, he'd have security on me faster than I could tell him about all the plans I have for him and Emma Stone and me to rent a place together over Labor Day weekend. (I would've brought Jenga and Uno…so really, his loss.)

But I'll put aside my baby jealously for one day — even though they have no idea how good they have it being wheeled around everywhere — and talk more about Andrew Garfield. He continues to confuse his superhero role with being an actual superhero. Throughout this entire shoot he's pulled off miraculous things without even making a big deal of it. And by miraculous, I mean adorable. Those two words are interchangeable, right?

First he shows up on set one day with a mini-me Spider-Man, then he follows up that act by hanging out with his nephews on set. And then, he spends this weekend giving a baby an ice breaker fun fact for life (“so like, you know that older distinguished actor Andrew Garfield. He totes kissed me when I was a baby”). It's amazing and I'm obsessed and I want to have a baby so I can tempt him with the secret biological clock that he's clearly harboring under that suit.

Also, P.S, let's talk about his doppleganger stunt double in the background. Is he single?

(Photo: Hector Valllenilla,PacificCoastNews.com)