Andersoon Cooper Curses Out A Fellow Airline Passenger For Taking Pictures Of Him

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Traditionally stone-cold celebrity Anderson Cooper lost his famous cool this past weekend on a United Airlines flight and cursed out a fellow passenger who wouldn't stop taking pictures of him on his iPhone. Anderson was sitting behind the guy, and watched him spend some time trying to figure out how to use the front-facing camera to take a picture of the celebrity sitting behind him. On his real-life friend Kathy Griffin‘s talk show, Anderson recounts the incident and says once the guy finally figured out how to work his camera, he blatantly started taking pictures like he thought he was invisible. Anderson says:

“I'm sitting there incredulous that he thinks I don't see him, and I'm literally in the photos like…what the fuck? And he's still taking the pictures.”

I'm really enjoying the image of Anderson Cooper essentially photo-bombing his own pictures as this idiot continues to snap away. He said normally it's something he would've let go, but he's become 'emboldened' lately (his word, although he didn't say why), so he did something about it.

“I grabbed the guy by the shoulder and said something to the effect of ‘Bitch, what the fuck are you doing?'”

Oh Anderson, you beautiful bitchy silver fox, you. You made Kathy Griffin's mouth drop open in surprise, but you also make the panties drop. Do you know how much money I would pay to have Anderson go all divalicious with me and call me out on a commercial flight? Oh my god, so much money. Kathy Griffin said he was becoming the white 50 Cent, but I think he's more of the white Aretha Franklin. He's just a grounded diva trying to fly across the country, snapping his fingers in any bitches' faces who be trying to take some pictures.

“It was one of those things where as soon as I said it I was like, ‘I can't believe I just said this to a guy.'”

But he did. And we love you for it. And to make the story even stranger, Anderson says he was also sitting next to Olympic ice-skater (and fellow gay man) Johnny Weir. Who apparently also flies commercial.

All I have to say is — get it, girls.

(Image: organizingla.com)