Anderson Cooper To Ask Hard-Hitting Questions About MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’

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Since his daytime show, Anderson, first aired Anderson Cooper has not only been tackling his fear of certain food (like shrimp!), giggling while tripping over a coffee table, but he's also been taking on the reality TV show world.

Just a few weeks ago Cooper went head to head with some of the pageant moms on Toddlers and Tiaras, and now he's going to get to the bottom of MTV's Teen Mom series. On Monday February 13th, Cooper will be sitting down with Farrah, Chelsea and Kailyn from the show in an interview that will cover a myriad of topics. But most importantly, he'll be asking the girls if they feel the show “glamorizes” teenage pregnancy instead of pointing out the actual facts and responsibilities that come with the turf.

Cooper also delves into the fact that these girls have been on the cover of magazines and are actually profiting off of their situation. Although the responses are varied, Farrah adamantly stated: “I didn't get pregnant to be famous, so, that's all I have to say.” Are you sure, Farrah?

The best clip is the one where Kailyn blames her mother for not teaching her about sex education, saying:

“I never had a close relationship with my mom. I don't even have a relationship with her at all now, so I feel that maybe if someone I was close with had a talk with me about sex it would be different.”

While we'd love to show you some clips, you'll just have to wait and see it all unravel this Monday, February 13th. There's guaranteed to be drama, passing of blame, accusations and maybe some tears.